Thursday, June 2, 2011

Suddenly Chris Grant is Visible

The Buffalo News reported this morning that Chris Collins Chief of Staff Chris Grant does not swipe an ID card when he enters or leaves the Rath Building. Now why does that suddenly become news?

For almost three years Grant's official position with Collins was COS (Chief of Staff for those readers on the 16th floor), but his duties were more like CPO (Chief Political Organizer). Grant's day to day activities were of little interest to local media until the Jane Corwin disaster. Now suddenly Chris Grant can't even sneak out of the Rath Building without it becoming a story. The guess here is the kitchen is suddenly going to get very warm for CG.

While this little blog has gotten some attention on other internet sites it is a small drop in the ocean compared to the readership of the News. Also, with blood now in the water expect to see Ch 2 do more on Collins and staff.

We are somewhat amused at the recent writings regarding the identity of the author of this blog. Alas, Doc Maelstrom cannot reveal our true name for fear of retribution and writing during work hours has already become too difficult. We can say that there is not one single writer of these blogs and our networking is rather broad. With a combined thirty years plus of working in the public sector we feel we have seen enough to know what is acceptable behavior and what is not. We have now decided to expose that we do not agree with.

Regarding whether the good Doctor is a Republican insider or a Democrat trying to create trouble, we'll leave that to the opinion of the readers. There is plenty to go around out there and we will get to it all in good time. It was the mishandling of the Corwin campaign by individuals we find to be lacking in decency and sound morality that prompted the creation of this blog, but our horizons will broaden.

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