Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Collins' Skin As Thin As Toilet Paper

All it took was one little old blog written by a few insiders over a two week period to get under Chris Collins' skin. Doc Maelstrom 's writings have caused the creation of a counter blog written by someone in the Collins camp and the guess here is it's Grant Loomis. The blog is written in a very similar style to some of Loomis' memos and e-mails circulating in the Rath Building.

Doc Maelstrom's reflections have also received rebuttals from Joe Illuzzi of The Illuzzi letter. Joe recently claimed his readership has not fallen off as written here last week. Joe's excuses for lower numbers are down right internet double-talk and BS! We have seen the numbers and Joe's web site is the most expensive and least read political site in Buffalo. Joe just doesn't want the elected officials who pay him for protection to know the truth.

Back to our pal Chris and his minions. Collins was noticeably on edge at his fund raiser last week and the buzz was his Chief of Staff Chris Grant was not returning to that position even if Collins was re-elected. Grant is in Collins' dog house big time and may never come out. It's unraveling quickly on the 16th floor and arrows are coming from all directions.

Giambra got his picture in the News for publicly coming out against Collins' pitch to have the ECC expansion go to the burbs.Giambra has always wanted a bigger downtown presence for ECC, but was always shutdown by the College board. Now Joel sees Collins losing ground and has the News giving him front page coverage. Collins knows the worm has definitely turned if the News is using Giambra as a credible source of criticism.

With the bolts starting to loosen a bit on the Collins band wagon wheels expect more dissent from within. Old foes will reconcile to prevent the Dems from regaining the highest office in the County.

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  1. Doc- where are you? Have they silenced you?