Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Collins Trying To Adjust To New World Order

Four years ago Chris Collins enjoyed the role of the newcomer, the outsider. While the democrats battled in the primary, Collins honed his image as the fresh new face, the future, the anti-politician. An overwhelming landslide victory in the general election made Collins look unbeatable. Now, Collins finds himself vulnerable and in the uncomfortable position of being the incumbent, the status quo.

Collins is also frustrated that various disconnected forces are now working against him, even if it is unintentional. The dems have mended fences thanks to the Governor's efforts and even with a weak candidate like Polocarz they can now mount a serious campaign. Many dems have sat out the County Executive race over the past decade, but a revived party can change all that.

The Buffalo News now has Matt Spina taking a more critical look at Collins' campaign efforts and his weakened team. Chris Collins hates critical attention and if the News decides to take sides and pick Poloncarz then Collins can have many a sleepless night.

Spina has been asking around to see if Collins' will run his campaign without Chris Grant playing an active role. The inside word is that Collins hasn't decided what to do with Grant, but he will no longer be the power at the right hand as he has in the past. Grant has become a serious liability and Collins has never been a very loyal boss. Collins can't get rid of  Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy mid-campaign, but Grant is dispensable.

Former County Executive Joel Giambra was on WBEN Sunday and used a line that described Collins' support as a mile wide and inch deep. Giambra has been working behind the scenes against his replacement for some time, but is now doing it openly. There are former Giambra people who still work in the Rath Building attempting to mount support against Collins, but very, very quietly. One word of rebellion and Collins will eradicate the malcontent, which is why Doctor Maelstrom has been laying low.

The local Tea Party is not eager to work with Collins or Langworthy and both have burned bridges with Thompson and Ostrowski due to the Jane Corwin debacle. In the end Collins will get more Tea Party voters than Poloncarz, but not the grass roots organizational support.

Collins has turned loose his lap dog Joe Illuzzi on anyone who has been critical of his reign, but the mainstream media no longer monitor Joe's ramblings. The only thing that separates Illuzzi from the hookers on the street is that he doesn't gargle afterwards.

Yes, the world has taken on a whole new order for Chris Collins as of late and he's none too happy about it.

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