Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Both Parties Regrouping After Hochul Win

The local Republican Party is getting bashed by national leadership today. Even Rush Limbaugh is taking shots at the poor effort put forth by the locals against Hochul and Davis. Chris Collins was never a favorite of State party leadership and even less so today.

People close to Bob Davis tell us that the higher ups are looking for him to get back in the game. Davis is said to be considering it and it makes perfect sense because Langworthy has failed miserably. Nick was taking all of the pats on the back after Paladino upset Lazio, but has looked like a rookie in his efforts against Cuomo and now Hochul. Langworthy reports to Chris Grant and Chris Collins, in that order, but we are told a serious pow wow is scheduled for this week that may change that lineup.

On the Democratic side Len Lenihan couldn't be happier today. His candidate pulled off an upset that has brought hours of nation attention on TV and buckets of ink written about the win, especially in Manhatten. Lenihan also did it without much help from Higgins and Brown, the two leading elected democratic power brokers.

Come the fall Brown, Higgins and his toadie Tim Kennedy will have to decide how public they will be in the County Executive race. Brown has had a close working relationship with Collins, despite his cuts to inner city programs. Can Brown afford to alienate his own party and inner city leaders by being less than supportive of Poloncarz?

Obviously Hochul's new found status will boost Poloncarz, but it's doubtful Brian Higgins will want to weigh-in. Higgins may have to square off against Hochul himself if the 26th District is eliminated and right now she looks like the popular choice. So, how active is Higgins against Collins when it means he has to stand next to enemy Len Lenihan?   

Higgins already pissed off many party loyalists last fall when he talked Tim Kennedy into running in a primary against party veteran Bill Stachowski. Kennedy's win actually hurt Buffalo in that his lack of seniority cost the area clout. Stachowski was no ball of fire, but he had 30 plus years of service in Albany and an address book of friends and contacts that Kennedy may never acquire.

Back to Chris Collins, the man who steps on his johnson every time he strays from Erie County politics. Collins has found out several times now that his mantra "run government as a business"doesn't stand up to a two-way dialogue. Hochul would have exposed Collins on that point if she had run against him in the County. Collins put friends Jane and Phil Corwin through the ringer on this one and Phil will never let him forget it.

Collins screw-up means even more party support for Maziarz and the NT native may finally get firm footing in Buffalo. George and close friend Henry Wojtaszek have been trying to be on the inside of Buffalo Republican politics for a couple years and now may be their chance.

Another winner in the big picture is Assemblyman Sam Hoyt who has always been on the Lenihan team and now has a new popular ally in Hochul. Sam was beaming from ear to ear last night. 

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