Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mallia A Victim Of The Collins "Animal House"

The Mike Mallia episode is over for now. Knowing that Mallia could not remain on vacation forever and with Ch 2 doggedly chasing the story, Mallia was forced to quit the position as Jane Corwin's Chief of Staff. Mallia's stupid and prankish video ambush of Jack Davis caused both personal and political damage to Corwin that she has yet to recover from.

With Corwin returning to Albany wearing the stain of her defeat, Mallia had to leave her office for good or be a constant reminder of how amateurish her campaign had been run by Chris Grant and Nick Langworthy. Mallia has been promised an eventual position within the party once the dust settles, but far from prying media eyes.

Corwin will wear her weak defense of Mallia for many months and will endure the whispers of other Assemblymen and women behind her back. They all know that a Chief of Staff of a sitting Assemblywomen does not quit at 5 o'clock as Corwin claimed. A Chief of Staff must be available at all hours, as the Assemblywoman and other elected state officials are. Not to mention the fact Mallia was obviously working for Corwin and her campaign when the video was recorded otherwise Langworthy would not have immediately posted it on the official Republican Party YouTube website. Corwin should have distanced herself from Mallia and Langworthy the very next morning when it became obvious the video ambush had back-fired.

Chris Collins was not aware of the plan to have Mallia chase Davis down with a video camera. That idea was hatched by his Chief of Staff Chris Grant and endorsed by Langworthy during one of their school boy giggle sessions. Grant, Langworthy, Loomis and others regularly meet like 12 year olds and discuss everything from political maneuvers to the size of staffers boobs and butts. The vulgar nature of their discussions in both spoken and written word has become common knowledge among County employees, men and women. It is a reflection of the actions of boss Chris Collins.

Remember back to Collins ill-fated attempt at a run for Governor and his suggestive comments regarding the need for a lap-dance to the powerful Laura Montante Zaepfel ? That was tame compared to what Collins discusses around his female staffers on the 16th floor. Collins makes predecessor Joel Giambra look like an alter boy when it comes to foul and crude language.

The latest target of crude remarks made by the Collins gang in their gatherings is Dottie Gallagher-Cohen, President & CEO of the CVB. In fact, Dottie's measurements have apparently intrigued Collins and Grant for sometime now.

It is this type of improper and regular behavior that skewed the judgement of Grant and Langworthy when they ordered Mallia to jump Davis. A serious person would have weighed the consequences, but instead they posted an obvious fake assault world wide. Now, that one horrible mistake has made waves that continue to wash over all currently swimming in the Collins cesspool. 

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