Sunday, May 29, 2011

Collins Looking Under Every Rock

Chris Collins wants to know who is talking. Chris Collins wants to know who on the inside is sharing information with the outside. Chris Collins wants the talking to stop before he wages battle for re-election and he will do whatever he needs to do to silence the traitors.

That's the gist of the conversation on the 16th floor of the Rath building after Jane Corwin's defeat. Collins is not happy with a lot of things but he is he especially not happy that internal conversations are being exposed in local blogs like this one. Collins can't figure out how Doc Maelstrom and others know so much about the actions of Chris Grant, Nick Langworthy and Bob Davis. Chris Collins senses that someone inside the Rath knows too much or already works for him. Collins is getting so paranoid that he has already told Chris Grant, Grant Loomis and others that he wants county computer activity quietly monitored.

Just two months ago Chris Collins was the over whelming favorite to win re-election depending on his competition. The only opponent he thought could give him a run was Kathy Hochul and he was right. Hochul would have been a serious threat to Collins and pulled an even bigger upset defeating Corwin. Collins was neither surprised nor disappointed when Poloncarz announced he was taking a run for the CE position, but now he's not quite so sure.

Collins can see the planets starting to lineup against him, alliances forming where none existed before, all because Hochul's team showed a way to victory. That and the fact someone is talking on the inside.

Chris Collins has good reason to wonder what's up. Collins has created plenty of enemies over his term and none more than in the Rath Building. His iron fist has come down on those he opposes but also on some who had supported him. For that reason it's tough for Collins to look everyone in the eye he passes in the halls. However, now Collins must look for that face wearing the smile, wondering if its owner is friend or foe. 

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