Sunday, May 22, 2011

Phil Corwin Is Pissed!

Phil Corwin, husband of Assemblywoman Jane Corwin who is running for the 26th congressional seat, is pissed! The whole Jack Davis video YouTube snafu has Phil seething. Should Corwin lose Tuesday he claims he will have something to say about it, but then again, he is not without guilt himself.

Corwin's Chief of Staff Mike Mallia's weak attempt of a video ambush of Davis on the night of May 11th occurred without Corwin having any knowledge of the plan. The scheme was hatched by Chris Collin's COS Chris Grant and endorsed by Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy. The video was then put on YouTube and hit the late news, but Corwin had gone to bed early due to the noon debate on Ch 2 the next day. Phil Corwin saw the video clip but failed to tell his wife in the morning, fearing it would distract her. Corwin was clueless when she was approached by reporters in the Ch 2 parking lot after the debate because not one staff member had bothered to tell her what had transpired.

The fact that Corwin went to bed early to get enough sleep for a noon debate is not an endorsement for her ability to deal with the rigors of politics, but the handling of the whole mess demonstrates just how much she has become manipulated by the Collin's team. Jane Corwin is a nice woman who looks good on TV and in person, but she is a political neophyte who has found herself in a dog fight with seasoned veteran Kathy Hochul and considering the lopsided Republican enrollment advantage is getting her butt beat.

Corwin is also coming under fire for not cutting loose Malia and separating herself from such a frat house stunt. The issue there is that Malia was just following orders and would probably go public on Chris Grant with all of the sordid details if he were to be fired.

However, let's get back Phil Corwin. Phil and Jane are good pals with Chris Collins and they have benefited from that relationship, that is until now. Phil is running around letting anyone who will listen know that Chris Collins boys have botched what should have been an easy win. Chris Collins is none too happy about how Phil and Jane Corwin are handling the ups and downs of the campaign as well.

You see, Collins doesn't have many people he can call a true friend, plenty of business associates, but not real friends. Yet, Collins is willing to lose one if buddy Phil gets too loud come Wednesday. After all, he has lost plenty on the golf course fudging strokes.

Yes, it looks like Phil Corwin is going to get chatty if wife Jane tastes defeat due to the shenanigans of the "rat pack" Chris Collins has assembled to run the campaign. Like Collins's pal Carl Paladino says, Phil Corwin is mad as hell and he doesn't want to take it anymore!   

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